Widgetstream Rating System

Widgetstream product review

When you browse on Widgetstream, you will see that most products have a rating. Given by our editors, those ratings are between one and ten. We consider a number of different aspects about each product when determining a rating. These factors include competitive features, price, innovation, enviromental protection, aesthetics and more.  This is a detailed breakdown of how we define different rating levels.

  • Products with ratings from 8.5 to 10 are considered great and outstanding product
  • Products with ratings from 7.5 to 8.4 are considered very good
  • Products with ratings from 5 to 7.4 are considered ok
  • Products with ratings below 5 are not recommended

Typically, on our website we will only feature products that we would rate with at least 8.5 stars and recommend to our friends and family.

If you come across a product with a rating you feel is undeserved, please report the product immediately. When we see that a company is not delivering what it promised, we will adjust our rating at once. It’s important to us that our ratings reflect real experiences with brands and products.