The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12 (Updated)

The Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 12 in 2021

Last Updated on August 5, 2021 by Jochen

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One of the great new features the new iPhones – the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max – Apple integrated them with its brand new MagSafe charging system.

Effectively, they all have magnet built directly into them so that, when paired with a MagSafe charger, the iPhone magnetically connects and charges.

Furthermore the MagSafe opens up the door for whole new world of accessories and gadgets that work with the new iPhones. Here is a neat collection of third-party MagSafe accessories.

We have updated this post on August 5th as new MagSafe accessories emerge all the time. This time with 2 highlights just launched on Kickstarter. Be the first who have these new gadgets!

Belkin - MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger, 15W iPhone Fast Charging, Apple Watch, AirPods Charging Station for iPhone 12

MagSafe 3-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand


Rethink how you charge your iPhone. This charging station delivers the fastest possible charge up to 15W. Leveraging MagSafe technology, you just place your iPhone on the charging stand for a secure connection in portrait or landscape mode.

Additionally the wireless charging puck and pad are optimized for your Apple Watch and AirPods.

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MagEasy - New MagSafe Accessory Set, Desktop Organizer to Boost your Productivity
MagEasy - New MagSafe Accessory Set, Desktop Organizer to Boost your Productivity

MagSafe Accessory Set with Desktop Organizer

35.00$  (22% OFF)

Organize the way you work with MagEasy, a useful destop organizer combined with the MagSafe technology to make the most of your iPhone 12 even in office.

Whether you like the quick scan of cards and access to small EDC items during transit or in the office, the MagEasy Badge delivers. The MagBoard set keeps your tools and gadgets for work and life ready in one place in a customizable, orderly fashion to greatly boost your productivity and creativity.

This product is brand new and just launched on Kickstarter, you can preorder one and get a good deal before September 1st.


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RAVPower - Magnetic Wireless Charger for iPhone 12, Mini Type C Charging Adapter included

Magnetic Wireless Charging from RAVPower


An efficient wireless charger for iPhone 12 models. The magnet array inside the charging pad positions and aligns with the charging coil of your phone, which keeps the device in place, and delivers fast charging speeds.

One of the best iPhone 12 accessories you must have and a budget choice.

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Fjorden - Professional iPhone Camera Grip with DSLR-like camera controls

Professional Camera Grip with DSLR


If you love to take pictures with your iPhone you will be pleasently surprised by the Camera Grip from Fjorden. Fjorden gives you DSLR-like camera controls to capture your creative vision. Never miss the perfect shot again with Fjorden, the world’s first pocketable, Professional iPhone Camera Grip. Whether you’re shooting street, portrait, or travel.

Pocket-friendly, super-light, and with year-long battery life, Fjorden lets you bring a pro compact camera everywhere. Set precise shutter speed and ISO to match the light, blur the motion of rivers and waterfalls, soak up the atmosphere of unfamiliar places. Capture facial expressions and poses at just the right moment, focus precisely with object/face tracking or with manual focus peaking.

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Satechi - Aluminium 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro

Aluminium 2-in-1 Magnetic Charging Stand


The Satechi Magnetic 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone 12 combines the power of dual wireless charging with the convenience of hands-free magnetic attachment.

Designed for iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro, the Stand features a built-in magnetic charger and a designated wireless charging pad to power both devices with ease.

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Spigen - Mag Armor Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max

MagSafe Armor Case from Spigen


Protection you can trust. Great protection and magsafe compatible with Spigen Armor case for iPhone 12 Pro Max. Magnet integrated shock absorption TPU case.

Raised lip to protects screen and camera & Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption.

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Anker Wireless Power Bank for iPhone 12 with MagSafe

Wireless Power Bank from Anker


If you still have any doubts about the usefulness of MagSafe, this Anker accessory is one of the best justifications for its existence. This pocket-sized power bank is great for keeping in a bag or backpack and simply slapping it to the back of your phone when you’re caught short.

The MagSafe allow you to charge without the need to deal with the wires.High Speed 10W wireless charging on-the-go. And with 10.000 mAh it will charge your phone a few times.

With wireless, USB, and USB-C charging all available, PowerCore gives you unprecedented choice over how you charge. You can even use all of them at once to charge 3 devices simultaneously.



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Moft - Snap-On Leather Wallet & Magnetic Stand for iPhone 12 Series

Snap-On Leather Wallet & Magnetic Stand


The World´s 1st MagSafe compatible stand & wallet, bringing a whole new experience to your iPhone.

Let you enjoy using your phone with optimized freedom. The fold-design allows for intuitive and flexible usage – simply snap it on, stand it up and fold it back into place.

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Aimtel - 4 in 1 Charging Station for Apple Products with MagSafe

Charging Station 4 in 1 for your Apple Products


Easy to carry due to it´s detachable design and support magnetic charging for you iPhone 12 series phones.

Additionally you can charge your Apple Watch and the Aimtel magnetic charger features an additional USB charging port just in chase.

A perfect addition to your nightstand with featured nightstand mode to use your iWatch as an alarm clock – making this charging station one the best overall accessory for us Apple enthusiasts.

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Native Union - Wireless Charger Stand for iPhone 12 with MagSafe

Wireless Charger Stand from Native Union


The DOCK wireless and magnetic charger has been superb designed to provide the optimal viewing angle for video calls and facial recognition. The dual-coil magnetic charger allows for easy access to your phone while charging in both landscape and portrait modes.

Other wireless chargers can generate too much heat, pausing charging to your device to lower operating temperature. DOCK wireless charger is built with a unique thermal protection sensor and foreign object detector providing fast and safe operation – always.

Striking combination of premium woven fabric and precision engineered steel ensures durability and stability.

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