Ray-Ban and Facebook release the Ray Ban Stories a pair of stylish smart glasses

Ray-Ban and Facebook cooperate to produce the Ray Ban Stories a pair of smart glasses

Facebook and Ray-Ban team-up to produce the Ray Ban Stories, smart glasses to record videos hands-free

From this Thursday, the first smart glasses made by Ray-Ban and Facebook are hitting the stores for $299. The name will be Ray Ban Stories and you will be able to buy the smart glasses in every Ray-Ban store.

And most importantly, the new Ray-Ban feels and looks like regular glasses you are used to wear.

Equipped with dual 5-megapixel cameras the Ray Ban Stories can capture over 36, 30-second video clips or about 500 pictures before the internal memory is full. You can capture in 2 ways, with a button on the top of the frame or via wake-up phrase “Hey Facebook”. The battery will last around 6 hours and charge up in an hour according to Facebook.

Included with the glasses is a carrying case that also acts as a charger. Put your Ray-Ban into the case and charge it via USB-C cable.

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Zuckerberg showing the new smart glasses Ray-Ban and Facebook produce

The video camera in the Ray Ban Stories is not as high quality as the camera in your phone but instead are meant to capture videos on the go without the hassle of pulling your phone. Quickly capture the moment even with your hands full. The new smart glasses are looking like your usual Ray-Ban glasses and coming in three different styles, the Wayfarer, Meteor and Round. The price starting at $299, if you want polarized lenses it will be $329. Find them from this thursday in your Ray-Ban store in United States, Canada, UK and Italy.

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