Maät – Yoga Leggings, Transform your Workout

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MAÄT 1.0 Yoga Leggings with build-in knee protection

Elevate your yoga practice with MAÄT – no more discomfort, no more disruption.

Designed with the fit and flexibility of wetsuit padding and the edgy aesthetic of motorcycle gear, the MAÄT 1.0 Legging provides soft, supple knee padding with gentle  compression so you can practice yoga without the distraction of pain or discomfort.

Our patent-pending, innovative ribbed knee pad allows you to seamlessly move from pose to pose without the distraction of discomfort. MAÄT leggings are made in the USA, crafted with materials from top suppliers.

Pre-Order 98$

More Movement, More Possibilities, Elevate your yoga practice with MAÄT Yoga Leggings – no more discomfort, no more disruption of your flow due to discomfort.

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