Wainlux L3 Laser – Powerful 10W Dual-Laser Cutter & Engraver with Autofocus

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Small at-home laser machines are not powerful enough to produce your favorite patterns while heavier machines often cost a fortune. You need a slimmed-down industrial laser cutter & engraver, yet with industrial power! Wainlux L3 helps you realize your creative potential at the touch of a button.

With Wainlux L3, your creative designs come to life thanks to its powerful 10W twin-beam laser. Its versatility is endless – create home decor, gifts for friends, 3D toys, or small businesses you are planning to start in 2021. Anything…as much as you can imagine!

The Wainlux L3 uses a compressed laser dot of 10W that is powerful enough to cut through a 5mm board in only one pass. It needs fewer passes to cut deeper than other engravers/ cutters in its class, so the resulting kerf is barely larger than the laser beam itself. This makes it possible to make very fine details and leaves less burn on the surface.

It’s frustrating to find ugly burn marks on your work because of lasers that fail to focus. But manually setting the laser focus can be difficult on irregular objects so L3 is designed with an Autofocus feature that finds the ‘sweet spot’ every time. With a simple tap on the touch key on the laser head, it automatically z-downs and stops at the pre-programmed focus distance. Then all you need to do is watch as your design appears on the surface.

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Wainlux L3 Laser Cutter Downsized Industrial Power At Your Tabletop. Versatile DIY Tool For Creative Hobbyists, Artists, And Small Businesses

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