Utopicar – Blind Spot Mirror, Additional Mirrors to Eliminate the Blind Spot and Improve Traffic Safety

These car door blind spot mirror have a unique engineered design to solve your blind spot problem and show a bigger image of what is really needed by drivers.

We understand the importance of the adhesive on your car mirrors thus we use only outdoor and water rated adhesive and high reflective silver film mirrors for our mirrors.

We know that anxious feeling when changing lanes or merging highways and not knowing if there is a car right next to us.

It is a horrible feeling for you and for the other driver. That’s why our unique engineered design for better visibility.

Our mirrors were designed to look like a car original part / OEM part.

Amazon for 11$

Eliminate the Blind Spot and Improve Traffic Safety by adding blind spot mirror to your car door mirror. Drive safe with by seeing more

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