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Discovered on October 18, 2021, 08:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

TreePod Canopy – A Spacious Cabana & Hammock Hybrid

Limited-time offer: 41% OFF retail price!


TreePod’s patented design combines the luxury of a cabana with the portability of a hammock hybrid, now with more space and 5 large windows!

You can finally have the luxury of a cabana with the convenience and portability of a hammock wherever, whenever. Now, with TreePod Canopy, you can enjoy that same convenience but with 5 large windows and 52% more space—if you’re over 6ft tall, you can even lay flat!

Five large windows give you a panoramic view from every angle possible! Made with UV-treated canvas, TreePod Canopy provides an optimal shade while relaxing in the sun.

TreePod Canopy is easy to assemble! Simply insert the steel poles (similar to a tent), secure the hanging rope to the TreePod Canopy, pull the rope to your desired level from the ground, and secure the rope to a sturdy spot.

Pre-Order 265$

The portable TreePod Cabana/Hammock Hybrid with 5 large windows offers the luxury of a cabana and the portability and suspensions of a hammock

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