Transformer Couch – One modern Couch, Endless Possibilities

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The Transformer Couch is the most multifunctional and modular couch ever.

Make it an accent chair, a sofa, a sectional, a bed, a lounger or even a playground for the kids.  Transformer Couches can adapt to any and all spaces no matter where and how you live. The only limit is your imagination.

Standard couches, sectionals or sofas are designed to be replaced after a few years. Once the covers, frame or one of the components are broken or ripped, you have no other choice than to purchase a brand-new couch.

However here at Transformer Table, we don’t believe in half measures, we design product that last the test of time, no matter what comes your way.

Transformer Couches are meant to stay trendy and look brand new for the next 20, 30 or even 40 years.

Pre-Order 1325$

Multi-funtional furniture at it´s best, bringing another meaning to the future of furniture. The modern Couch for your livingroom

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