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Discovered on September 07, 2021, 10:00 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Tosy – 360 LED Flying Disc & Patented Boomerang, Flying Duo Pack

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The Tosy flying duo with a 360 LED Flying Disc and a self-returning Boomerang.

Both The Flying Disc and Boomerang each feature unique elements. While most discs on the market have 3-4 LEDs, the patent-pending TOSY LED Flying Dis includes 360 LEDs that are programmed into 6 different brightness levels and timer modes for different environments and preferences, making night play possible and mesmerizing. Additionally, the TOSY Boomerang comes with a self-return feature, which is patented worldwide, and a unique round shape that makes it safer to catch than traditional boomerangs and more suitable for younger players.

Inspiration for The Flying Duo came from the rising popularity of Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, as well as the understanding that people of all ages are fascinated with flying objects. These seemingly simple items have physics and mechanics that are extremely captivating. Nonetheless, they offer endless joy and fun, made for just about everyone.

This revolutionary sporting game combines next-level technology with fun for everyone. Families with children of all ages, college students, general sports fans, outdoor enthusiasts and Ultimate players alike can enjoy the next-generation capabilities of The TOSY Boomerang and The TOSY Flying Disc. This product is far from the traditional flying disc and boomerang and is anticipated to set the new standard for all Ultimate games and become the next trendy tech-toy for the holidays and beyond.

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Pre-Order 96$

The best LED flying disc for your outdoor adventure with the whole family plus the self-returning Boomerang will bring you many hours of joy.

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