The Misen Oven Steel – Precise cooking & better browning, for a lifetime

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Chaotic temperature swings and “hot spots” are the enemy of precise cooking. Without an accurate, even oven temperature, cooking becomes a frustrating game of guesswork, with unpredictable outcomes.

The fact is, if you can’t rely on your oven’s temperature, then you can’t rely on your timing, either. When your oven is working in your favor, then great cooking becomes so much easier.

The principles that make the Misen Oven Steel great for baking apply to everything else in the oven. Consistent temperatures and internal thermal masses make roasting, braising, broiling, and oven searing much more effective, and the results that much more delicious.

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It doesn´t matter if you love making sheet pan dinners, perfecting homemade pizza, or baking cookies year round. Leaving this in your oven will make them all better, and easier to prepare

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