The Space Safe – The first Smart Safe

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The Space Safe is the most advanced smart safe. Connect to WiFi and monitor everything with the interior and exterior cameras

Completely discreet with a tempered glass door and a stunning 10″ HD display. The touch LDC allows users to input their PIN, view activity log, and much more.

Receive up to date information and alerts about your valuables via The Space App when connected to WiFi.

With exterior and interior cameras, remotly view who is on the outside and what they`re trying to take on the inside.

Give Access for up to 4 users with their own unique PIN code and fingerprints for access.

Share Access among friends or family. One-time PIN codes allow guests or temporary residents to open your safe if you are not around.

Our accelerometer sensors will notify you via App if any movement is detected, or if anyone attempts to access your safe.

Built-in sensors detect temperatures and humidity levels. Keeping your valuables in the most optimal condition.

Pre-Order 429$

The most technologically advanced smart safe created with WiFi, App, Cameras, LCD display, Guest Access, & more plus it doesn’t look like a safe.

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