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Discovered on June 02, 2021, 09:15 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

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Sleepout – The Sleep Improving Blackout Curtains

Limited-time offer: 21% OFF retail price!


Patented, portable OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout curtains that blocks light and installs anywhere for better sleep.

Sleepout is the first portable blackout curtain that installs on windows in seconds and blocks out light bleeds to make any room 100% dark. By blocking the curtain on light bleeds you’ll get comfortable and get some rest.

The patented Sleepout Curtain is produced with high-quality, 100% blackout material.  It features locking suction cups and Sleepout Pads for you to adjust the curtain to any window and block any light bleeds – even better than traditional blackout curtains.

The Sleepout Curtain is lightweight at only 1.5 pounds and folds up to the size of a paperback book. The curtain also comes with a beautiful 100% cotton twill travel bag making it easy to pack and carry whenever you’re on the go.

Pre-Order 82$

The Sleepout Blackout Curtains completely darkens a room using the highest-quality, OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout material, allowing you to achieve a deeper and more restorative sleep.

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