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Discovered on July 03, 2021, 11:00 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

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Shimoda Explore V2 – The new Adventure Camera Backpack for Travel and Landscape Photographers

Limited-time offer: 95$ OFF retail price!


The new standard Backpack for Travel and Landscape Photography now on Kickstarter!

Shimoda Explore V2, Simply the most comfortable & functional backpack for landscape photographers on the market today.

This backpack is ideal for the wild. With Side and Rear access you can get to your camera gear quickly in all circumstances.

The build-in modular core unit system keeps your equipment safe and in place.

The sheer amount of design features all over this bag is remarkable. Like a quick reach phone pocket, removable belt, a mic mount, document pocket and many more for you to discover.

Discover the best Kickstarter products of July, from shoes made from plants, fully recycled shower heads to safe water, a never-seen before hubless E-Bike and much more.

Pre-Order 215$

From Airport to Alpine – the new Explore v2 is our refined travel and landscape adventure camera backpack system.

Simply the most comfortable & functional travel backpack on the market today.

Adventure Camera Backpack for Travel Photographers - Kickstarter Highlight Products

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