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Discovered on July 20, 2021, 08:30 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Sealvac – Highly Effective Vacuum Sealer to Preserve Food

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SEALVAC is a food vacuum sealer that utilizes powerful features and a convenient design to properly preserve food so that the cooking process is made easier and more enjoyable for you. You can even use this with foods that come in pre-packaged bags! Get yours now on Kickstarter!

Let’s be honest.. how many times have we let the bulk of our groceries go bad in the fridge? That’s a waste of good food and precious money. Proper food storage with the help of our SEALVAC vacuum sealer will allow you to buy in bulk and keep it fresh for much longer! Our vacuum bags have been designed to completely seal your food from being exposed to oxygen and moisture in the air. This helps prevent oxidation which is one of the primary contributors to food spoilage. This means that your foods will stay fresh for 5 or even 10 times longer with SEALVAC.

How many times have we used unnecessarily clunky storage containers that make it super annoying to reach the food in the back? By vacuum sealing your foods with SEALVAC, you’ll save up to 3 times the amount of fridge space and make it easier to navigate around each shelf.

Our Vacuum sealer can also be used to elevate your cooking to a whole new level. By sealing your choice of food and marinade, you’ll lock in and intensify the flavors. You can also use a wine stopper to vacuum seal your wine as well. For your convenience, our device is compatible with third party food containers and sealing bags. Once you incorporate SEALVAC into your routine, you’ll experience a new paradigm of food storage and cooking.

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Pre-Order 119$

A small and wireless highly effective Vacuum Sealer for your kitchen. Stop the waste of good food and precious money with a Sealvac.

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