PressDrain – Bathtub drain hair cutter stops clogged drain without touching

Limited-time offer: 30$ OFF retail price!


Say goodbye to cleaning your nasty bathtub drain, trying to untangle hair. Instead, use the PressDrain bathtub drain hair cutter.

This never-clogging bathtub catches hair as the water directs it down. Then, simply press down on the drain to clean it. It works because the internal quadrat blades essentially shred the hair into tiny pieces, untangling them so they can flow through the pipes.

Without requiring any additional cleaning, this stainless steel gadget keeps your bathtub drain running smoothly, your perfect bathroom accessory to combat clogged drains. When you’re showering, just step on the drain to chop the hair! And, if you’re taking a bath, you can simply turn this bathtub drain hair cutter to use it as a tub stopper.

Compatible with 1.25″ to 2″ drains, the PressDrain installs with ease and no tools required.

Pre-Order 39$

“Never worry about a clogged drain again while you shower”

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