Pq Earbuds – World’s First Battery Exchangeable Wireless Earbuds

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It happened and it happened to us. You’re having an important call that cannot be interrupted and, suddenly, your wireless earbuds die off. The battery is empty and you’re scrambling to see how you can get your earbuds charged again to go back to the call… but the damage is done. That’s why we decided to create Pq Earbuds, the world’s first Battery Exchangeable Wireless Earbuds.

Pq Earbuds come with a pair of earbuds and a pair of batteries safely and neatly attached through magnetic attraction. It also comes with a spare pair of batteries and a charging case. In a nutshell, whenever you’re not using them, you can keep the earbuds and batteries charging inside the charging case.

Pq Earbuds can be used continuously for 6 hours of listening to music before the battery needs to be replaced. Once you instantly replace it, the newly charged battery will work for another 6 hours—and the cycle can be repeated. Also, it only takes 30 mins to fully recharge the earbud or battery.

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Enjoy an uninterrupted and stellar performance of the wireless earbuds that just keep going with seamlessly exchangeable batteries

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