OmniCentro – Powerful Switch Docking Station – Big Screen Gaming On-The-Go

Limited-time offer: 40% OFF retail price!

What if you could carry the entire set of chargers and your Nintendo Switch docking station in your pocket and connect 4K external monitors and data storage to your laptop at the same time?

Meet OmniCentro dock, a super-compact dock only the size of the original one, integrated with a 45W fast charger which enables you to turn any screen into your entertainment center and workstation.

Better functionality and only 1/5 of the original Switch dock to fit in every bag.

OmniCentro not only benefits the switch players, but also office workers and those who work from home. USB-C & USB-A support power charging, extra monitor connecting, and data delivery.

Pre-Order 59$

The perfect alternative for your original Switch Docking Station. Pocket-sized, cheaper & more versatile. Supports 4K HD video, 45W PD fast charge

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