Gorilla Bow – Portable Home Gym, Full Body Workout Equipment Set

The Gorilla Bow full body workout equipment combines a weightlifting bar and resistance bands to work every major muscle group making it a perfect and portable home gym.

Using the fundamentals of the ancient bow, this modern, lightweight portable gym gives you one of the most versatile total body workouts. Build muscle, lose weight and tone while reducing joint stress. The Original Bow has an aircraft-grade aluminum construction heat-treated giving it a weight capacity of 300lbs. The Original Bow takes up very little room making it easy to store at home or take to workout anywhere.

The original Gorilla Bow is designed for the everyday user. Workout from home, outside, or anywhere you want to be. Burn fat and build muscle with full-body workouts.

Order now for 199$

Resistance training takes you where heavy weights can’t. Perform countless workouts with stress-free ergonomics, in almost any position, anywhere with the full body workout equipment. It’ll be the most versatile tool in your gym arsenal.

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