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Discovered on June 05, 2021, 08:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

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Graphene-X – The Polo-X the Most Advanced Multi-Purpose Polo Shirts ever

Limited-time offer: 20$ OFF retail price!


Graphene-integrated, fully laser-cut polo shirts with unrivaled performance

The Polo-X is a cutting-edge shirt with graphene integrated into every fiber. Empowered with the strongest, thinnest and toughest material yet discovered, offering unrivaled levels of comfort and performance.

By integrating Graphene into every fiber of the Polo-X, we’ve achieved a level of comfort that makes merino wool and Supima cotton feel like a thing of the past.

Graphene excels at radiating heat, That means it is exceptionally efficient at managing and dissipating body heat. The Polo-X keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you fresh when your body is working hard.

The Polo-X wicks perspiration away from your body, helping you to cool down when it’s hot but keeping you dry and warm when things get colder.

By integrating Graphene in the Polo-X we are putting an extra barrier of protection between you and the world that could inactivate 98% of bacteria and even kill over 90%of them even after being washed hundreds of times.

Pre-Order 59$

The most advanced multi-purpose polo shirts ever made. A Graphene-integrated, fully laser-cut shirt with unrivaled performance.

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