OXI ONE – Powerful Sequencer & MIDI Controller

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Finally, a sequencer that can provide all of the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for! Whether you’re striking new creative ideas via the randomizer, experimenting with exotic scales, building and tweaking arpeggios over your patterns, or harmonizing an entire song… creative new inspiration is never more than an arms length away with the OXI ONE. DAW users, hardware enthusiasts, and all those in between can rejoice the same, we’ve kept everybody in mind while creating this dense array of compositional tools. Bridging connectivity gaps in the studio and on the stage has never been easier.

Between the numerous connectivity options, the large number of flexible tracks at your disposal, the robust and thoughtful user interface, and the modulation and randomization capabilities that OXI ONE provides, we are more than confident that it will perfectly match any kind of rig and become the centerpiece of your professional live performance.

Our innovative CHORD MODE allows you to easily create chord progressions with plenty chord types, voicings, spread and bass options and specific chord menus. The chords can be easily arpeggiated with the built in chord arpeggiator. With 150+ chord variations!

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From beginners to professional producers and live performers the OXI ONE sequencer. The new wave of sequencing!

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