Otis – Desk Organizer, Custom Layout and Faster Access

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Otis Rack is a desk organizer that provides better segmentation and faster access to your things. It uses a system of adjustable trays that can be configured to fit your things perfectly.

Otis will help you keep things organized and easily find what you need.

Unlike traditional drawers, Otis Rack provides customizable storage spaces for your things. It can fit smaller things, bigger things, or whatever you may need.

Easily Rearrangeable the trays can be arranged and rearranged by category, use frequency, or any order you like.

With everything in its own place, you’ll be able to always quickly find what you need.

Pre-Order 55$

The Otis Desk Organizer helps you keep your things organized and easy to find when you need them. With customizable storage spaces perfectly suited for your needs.

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