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Discovered on August 16, 2021, 09:30 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

OneLife X – High Tech Air Purifier with Plasma Field Technology

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Eliminate 99.99% of airborne particles with OneLife X the High Tech Air Purifier now on Indiegogo.

OneLife X is a high-performance air purifier with revolutionary plasma technology that filters your air with clinical precision. It uses a high-precision laser sensor to track even the smallest detectable particles in your air. Unlike other air purifiers, OneLife X produces no harmful ozone and has no costly filters to replace.

To say Onelife X is the best air purifier to hit the market would be an understatement—it’s the future of air purification! Our next-generation air purifying plasma filter eliminates 99.99% of airborne particles without the need to replace the filter, ever.

OneLife X high tech air purifier uses a high-precision laser sensor that detects particles as small as 1 micrometer, then the plasma technology removes particles down to 0.01 micrometers, meaning it removes even viruses and ultrafine particles out of your breathing air that most purifiers miss.

Our Air Purifier has metallic plates in the filter that act like giant magnets for all the pollutants in the air. When air is pulled into the device, it passes through the plasma field where pollution particles get charged up (ionized) so they stick right to the collector sheets. Using this plasma field to ionize the particles instead of forcing air through a thick filter means there’s no restriction of airflow, so One Life X requires very little energy, runs virtually silently, and generates no harmful ozone.

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Pre-Order 579$

Eliminate 99.99% of airborne particles with groundbreaking plasma technology & never replace filters with OneLife X the high tech Air Purifier.

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