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Discovered on August 25, 2021, 10:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Nutshell Cooler – Collapsible and Sustainable Cooler made from Coconuts

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Meet the modern, sustainable cooler which is build to last, now on Kickstarter.

Nutshell is a cooler on a mission: to fit seamlessly into adventures and apartments, to replace plastic foam with natural fibers, and to connect people with the farmers and materials at the heart of their products.

No garage, no problem. Nutshell packs flat to half its width so you can store it away in the closet, under the couch, or in the trunk of your car!

Nutshell kept ice frozen for more than 48 hours in our tests, outperforming the Yeti Hopper Two, Coleman Excursion, Styrofoam, and several other coolers in identical conditions.

Easy to clean: Nutshell’s removable, leakproof welded liner makes cleaning a breeze. Rinse it with water and mild soap and let it dry before storing.

Tabletop surface: Unclip the front of your Nutshell and use it as a tabletop surface. Great for picnics at the park and at the beach!

What makes the Nutshell sustainable cooler different?

Nutshell Coolers are insulated with coconut husk fiber, a waste product of the coconut industry. The husk of a coconut is a natural marvel: it protects the water inside, keeping it cool in the heat and safe when it falls. But it’s nothing more than waste for farmers. Billions of leftover husks are burned every year, producing unhealthy smoke and releasing tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Coconut husk fibers are hollow and contain tons of tiny trapped air pockets–the same exact structure that plastic foam insulation uses to reduce heat transfer (i.e. conduction). In fact, if you compare Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS, a.k.a. Styrofoam) and coconut fiber side by side under a microscope, you’ll hardly see a difference.

This sustainable cooler made it in our weekly product highlight, you can find them all in our latest blog post.

Pre-Order 169$

You take an existing product and improve it, the nutshell sustainable cooler is made from coconut husk instead of polluting plastic and comes with collapsible structure to save storage space while you don´t need your cooler.

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