Merge Cube – Science and STEM Education Tool for Home School, Remote and in Classroom Learning

The Merge Cube STEM education tool is the only product that lets you hold digital 3D objects (holograms), enabling an entirely new and powerful way to learn Science and STEM in home school or in a classroom.

Adding the sense of touch to digital content and being immersed in virtual worlds gives students a profound connection to the content.

Students engage with digital content naturally and intuitively using visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile senses, for more impactful learning.

Make it possible for students to comprehend complex phenomena more efficiently by experiencing it first-hand.

Over 100 interactive science simulations that will let students learn effectively, they can touch, hold and interact with.


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Introducing the new way of STEM education for Home school. Now you can hold the entire galaxy in the palm of your hand!

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