MANOLI Cast – Iron Skillet with Removable Handle

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Enjoy the safety and convenience of MANOLI Skillet. Equipped with a removable handle that includes a quick-release mechanism, the MANOLI Skillet lets you do your best cooking all while preventing yourself from getting burned. The cast iron used in this design allows this frying pan to withstand the harshest conditions, delivering an ultimate long-lasting experience. Use MANOLI Skillet on any surfaces, from your kitchen oven to a campfire, and take it with you to enjoy your time with family and friends.

The MANOLI Skillet is made of a single piece of cast iron and has a natural non-stick coating. Use it for cooking and baking pleasure.

MANOLI is suitable for any type of kitchen ovens, from gas to induction. You can also put it on the grill, take it on a hike and use it on an open fire, and your hands will always be safe.

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“Eternal iron skillet for healthy and safe cooking”

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