LOOTBOX – The smart power bank for screen time balance

A smart, secure, multi-device charger, designed to help parents create healthier screen habits for their kids. No longer are our kids ransacking our house for the loot as it’s locked away, safely in one location. We have less arguments as they know when they get their time. Easily charge up to 12 USB Devices & more! You can fit 4 laptops, we have designed it so that almost all 15 inch laptops fit with space for charging, you can even fit 17 inch Macbook Pro’s without charging. There is space for iPads / tablets, mobile phones, gaming controllers, TV remotes… Basically if it needs to be charged or hidden, throw it in!

And best of all, our smart door sensor will instantly alert you if the keys are stolen and the kids break in. The app also keeps a time log so there will be no more arguing about when game time started!

So now you can recharge, reconnect and find balance. The smart power bank for screen time balance

Order now for 232$

“One of the most important and easiest steps in limiting screen time is physically putting devices away from sight when not being used in a mindful, purposeful manner.

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