Logitech – Wireless Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Desktop

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Logitech wireless keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Ultra-portable wireless keyboard for all iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, Apple TV.

Ultra-slim, light, go-anywhere Bluetooth keyboard fits easily in a coat pocket, purse or briefcase.

Wipe able Fabric Skin protects the keyboard from spills, dirt and drops.

Well-spaced, full-size keys with iOS shortcuts for fast, familiar, accurate typing on iPad and iPhone.

Type for up to 3 months between charges (Based on 2 hours average usage per day)

Pairs quickly and easily with iPad and iPhone via Bluetooth connection

Amazon for 52$

Transform your iPad into a laptop with the Logitech wireless keyboard for iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and more, providing quick and accurate laptop-like typing on any screen.

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