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Discovered on September 07, 2021, 08:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Fremo – X700 World´s Smallest 1000W Power Station

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Be ready to have power when you need it most with the 1000W Power Station from Fremo.

The Fremo Power Station uses the industry’s safest automotive-grade lithium iron phosphate batteries which, compared to the ternary lithium batteries used in most of the energy storage products, are highly stable and nonflammable, with a cycle life 5 times longer – it is simply your best choice for energy storage products.

X700 is small and compact, but boasts a power output of 1000W or even 1600W at its peak, enabling it to drive most of the existing electrical devices. We combined modern industrial design elements with our own understanding of user experience, and came up with a brilliant product with excellent human-computer interaction. We believe you will be well convinced as you read through to get a better understanding of its features in the following chapters.

For its portable size, the X700 still features 662Wh capacity. The perfect balance between weight (17.6 lbs), size (184mm x 184mm x 289 mm), and power. The 1000W Power Station is more than enough to power you through a blackout or keep your appliances running on an outdoor trip.

Need a light? The X700 has got you covered. Say good-bye to the days of lugging around a bulky power station just to see during blackouts and say hello to our handy detachable magnetic flashlight. The best part? The flashlight recharges itself once attached back onto the X700!

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Pre-Order 399$

The 1000W Power Station in a super compact design is a great outdoor companion to power all your devices or your emergency backup.

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