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Discovered on August 26, 2021, 08:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

SuperBase Pro – Fastest Recharge IoT Power Station, New Portable Home Battery for Travel and Emergencies

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Introducing the PowerBase Pro Power Station on Indiegogo.

Recharge to 80% in 1 hour via AC or Solar, comes with 2,096Wh & 2,000W Output and Built-in 4G IoT & App to see everything no matter where you are. But what if you’re camping, or preparing for a power outage, and you need a simple way to charge over a dozen products, including heavy-duty appliances?

No one likes waiting around for their power station to charge up before going on an adventure. SuperBase Pro can be charged up to 80% in just one hour. With our patented GridFlow technology, you can charge SuperBase Pro 2000 at up to 1,800W from an adequate AC outlet or generator. A full charge is just two hours away.

If green energy is your thing, SuperBase Pro 2000 can handle solar arrays of any size up to 1,800W. Our patented PVMax tech means your solar setup can charge SuperBase Pro 2000 with the same superfast performance you’d get from conventional charging. That’s one hour for an 80% charge, and two hours for a full charge.

At home, SuperBase Pro 2000 has you covered. With 2,000W of AC output and 4,000W surge capability, you can power your microwave, washing machine, coffee maker, or other essentials around the house, worry-free. Ideal to have in case of sudden power outages.

If you like camping, you’ll love SuperBase Pro 2000’s 2,096Wh capacity. Use your off-grid camping gear for hours on end. SuperBase Pro 2000 is the perfect power solution for on-the-go events.

For our Tesla lovers, SuperBase Pro 2000 can even be an emergency backup for your Starlink and electric vehicle.

While SuperBase Pro’s maximum output is 2,000W, it can power devices that typically need up to 3,000W, thanks to the AmpUp feature. This means SuperBase Pro is even compatible with heavy-duty appliances and power tools.

With industrial-grade wheels, a telescopic aluminum handle, and a low center of gravity, SuperBase Pro is designed with “anytime, anywhere” in mind.

The fastest recharge IoT Power Station easily made it in our weekly product highlight, you can find them all in our latest blog post.

Pre-Order 999$

Having an power station available was always a good idea, but the SuperBase Pro is taking it to the next level. With 2,096Wh & 2,000W Output it is a powerhouse plus the fact that is was build to be a portable home battery.

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