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Discovered on September 25, 2021, 10:30 am EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Edasi – All Season Bio Bed Sheets with Graphene

Limited-time offer: 20$ OFF retail price!


No More Night Sweats, Odor, or Ripped Sheets with Edasi Graphene Bio Bed Sheets.

Graphene is an extremely effective heat conductor material. It works to personalize climate control. If you get hot, the heat dissipates to help to cool you down.

If you feel cold, the heat is retained and you’re kept in the perfect climate so you can avoid night sweats. While sleeping on the graphene sheets your body will keep you warmer by increasing your skin temperature, it will also create less humidity next to your body than a normal membrane.

With Graphene’s properties you can avoid the dreaded back of the neck collection of humidity that can make you feel hot, scratchy, and force you to lose sleep.

No Odor is a permanent plus-point with these sheets.  Our advanced BIO Graphene barrier gives total odor control that never washes out. And we do it without the use of Toxic Silver that contaminates wastewater streams (unlike our competitors).

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Pre-Order 55$

No More Night Sweats, Odor, or Ripped Sheets with the All Season Graphene Bio Bed Sheets.

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