Dusk – Electrochromic Smart Sunglasses App-enabled

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You adjust the tint level of the lenses on the frames or app. Listen to music, and take calls, anywhere. Waterproof with premium materials. A hidden space for Apple’s AirTag in the charging case ensures you’ll never lose them.

Electrochromic Lenses, giving you the control to select exactly the tint level you want, instantly

Built-in speakers with crystal clear sound discreetly delivered that only you can hear. With nothing in or on your ears, hear what´s happening around you. Perfect for driving, biking or walking down busy streets.

Built-in Microphone so you can take calls, summon Siri or Google Assistant with a press of the button.

Built-in tracking so you never lose your sunglasses again. Use our App to sound an alarm when they`re near.


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Premium wayfarers smart sunglasses packed with tech and breakthrough lens technology — choose your tint, instantly.

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