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Discovered on August 01, 2021, 08:30 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Drinkie – New Self-Cleaning Smart Pet Water Dispenser

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Drinkie your pet’s favorite self-cleaning smart pet water dispenser now on Kickstarter.

Clean your pet’s water dish 100% remotely and hassle-free with 5-day water supply and Smart app. Easy-to-clean and No filter needed.

With Drinkie pet water fountain you have an invisible hand that automatically cleans your pet’s dish while you’re away. Featuring a patent-pending Pulse System, the Drinkie dispenser rinses your pet’s dish as many times as you set by the smart app! This means zero health risks for your pet, and absolutely no hassle for you.

Drinkie smart water dispenser keeps your pet’s water cleaner than any filters. Unlike traditional dispensers whose filters become a source of secondary pollution over time, Drinkie needs no filters at all! It belongs to a new generation of dispensers, which deliver clean water to your pet’s dish right from the fresh water tank! Stray whiskers, food particles, and germs simply have no way to get into your fluffy’s dish, as they are rinsed away into a separate airtight waste water tank. No extra expenses for you and even cleaner water for your pet!

To stay healthy, your pet needs to drink a cup of fresh water (0.8 oz/lb) daily. With 106 oz (3 Liters) fresh water storage and 35 oz (1 Liter) waste water storage, you can trust Drinkie to provide sufficient water to your pet for up to 5 days! Go on a vacation, stay late at work or go on a trip without worrying your fur friend’s water will end too soon.

The smart app will always notify you when the water in the dispenser is about to finish and you can monitor your pet’s drinking habits (water consumption, drinking times). Set rinsing mode for a fully automatic cleaning schedule when you are at work.

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Drinkie is a self-cleaning smart pet water dispenser. Clean water everyday with a 5-day water supply without the need of expensive filters. Easy-to-clean and with a smart app for 100% remote control.

Drinkie – New Self-Cleaning Smart Pet Water Dispenser - Kickstarter Highlight Products

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