BOWIO – The Book Light that is Innovative Functional and Fashionable

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Bowio is designed with a unique form that enables optimal luminosity over the pages.

The result is a reading experience that maintains contrast while scattering light to reduce glare to the barest minimum – Also it allows you to precisely control the brightness with a touch for an undisrupted reading experience. The Bowio book light is an aesthetically pleasing book light for readers that will work to make the act of reading in low light or after dark easier and more enjoyable. The light features a leather construction that is designed to be connected on to the cover of the book on either side to form an arc overtop of the pages. This will provide targeted illumination where it´s needed most and solves the problem of other book lights on the market that often have unstable construction.

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“You’ve NEVER Seen A Book Light Like This” 

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