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Discovered on July 14, 2021, 07:30 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

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K-25 – Bath Towel Reinvented, Quick-dry, Odor-free, super soft

Limited-time offer: 35% OFF retail price!


Super soft and quickly drying Bath Towels and Bath Sheets now on Kickstarter!

You know the problem, normal towels take forever to dry and develop a stinky musty smell because a wet towel is a perfect environment to grow a civilization of mold and bacteria.

We have a Solution, the K-25 100% Organic Cotton Waffle Towel, Odor Free, Naturally Antibacterial, Soft & Fresh everytime you need it

Our towels are so luxuriously soft and nicely textured that we found them surprisingly versatile. Use them every time and anywhere: after bath, shower, spa, pool-side or beach

Enhanced surface area for maximum absorption due to the waffle system. We ourselves bought 2 Bath Sheets, super excited to try them!

Discover the best Kickstarter products of July, from shoes made from plants, fully recycled shower heads to safe water, a never-seen before hubless E-Bike and much more.

Pre-Order 39$

The super soft Bath Towel with quick-dry, odor-free, soft and giant waffle for enhanced surface area. It soaks water like a super-sponge! Made from sustainable 100% Organic cotton.

Bath Towel Reinvented, Quick-dry, Odor-free, super soft - Kickstarter Highlight Products

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