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Discovered on July 15, 2021, 07:00 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

LensHD – Automatic Glasses Cleaner Station for Excellent Vision and 1A Clean Lenses

Limited-time offer: 33% OFF retail price!


The world first automatic glasses cleaner for all types of glasses now on Kickstarter!

The soft, microfiber cloth wrapped sponge can easily grab and remove all the dirt on glasses! Make your day clearer and brighter.

Once Lens HD is finished, open the case and gaze in awe at your spotless glasses! Even if they’re several years old, our device will fool you into thinking they’re fresh out of the box!

Depending on the shape, the size, the thickness and the type of lens of your glasses, Lens HD will always clean your glasses around 1 minute.

Forget about wiping your glasses all day, and leave it to Lens HD! With just a single button, you’re on your way to a smarter lifestyle.

To optimize cleaning performance and sponge coverage, LensCleaner utilizes an off-centered rotation pattern, so even the very edges of your lenses are targeted with precision and quality.

Instead of just spinning around on your glasses and doing nothing, we’re simulating the comprehensive cleaning of a human.

Discover the best Kickstarter products of July, from shoes made from plants, fully recycled shower heads to safe water, a never-seen before hubless E-Bike and much more.

Pre-Order 89$

The world´s first all-in-one glasses cleaner for any style, any type, the same stunning result.

A stunning automatic lens cleaner crafted for efficiency, speed, and convenience anywhere. Remove fingerprints, dust and oil on lens!

Automatic Lens-Cleaning Station, Glasses Cleaner - Kickstarter Highlight Products

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