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Discovered on July 18, 2021, 07:00 pm EST

Discovered by Jochen Meyer

Astronic Watches – Luxury Premium Watches Gravity Defying Troubillon & Skeleton

Limited-time offer: 35% OFF retail price!


Premium watches inspired by the Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter now on Kickstarter!

Introducing the fleet of precision mechanical timepieces that capture the essence of the engineering marvels of our generation: the Apache-64 Attack Helicopter and the Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter

The Apache pays homage to the greatest helicopter known to mankind, the Apache-64. From the flexiglass second plate mirroring the side rotor, to the dial inspired by the aggressive exterior, the Apache carries on the legacy of the King of the Skies. The Apache’s Automatic Movement features an extra-large mainspring. While typical mechanical watches hold power for under 2 days, the Apache holds an exceptional 80 hours of precise power in its reserve.

Your timepiece is powered with your movement, no winding necessary. Made of military-grade 316L stainless steel, you get impenetrable protection, Anti-Fingerprint Coating, and Sapphire Crystal Anti-Glare Lens.

Discover the best Kickstarter products of July, from shoes made from plants, fully recycled shower heads to safe water, a never-seen before hubless E-Bike and much more.



Pre-Order 389$

Aviation inspired Premium Watches by the Nighthawk F-117 Stealth Fighter and the Apache Attach Helicopter. These watches are powered by your movement and made of military-grade 316L stainless steel.

Luxury Premium Watches inspired by the Stealth fighter F-117 - Kickstarter Highlight Products

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