Philips Hue partners with Spotify to turn all Hue lights into a amazing music visualizer

Philips Hue partners with Spotify to turn all Hue lights into a music visualizer

Philips Hue partners with Spotify, Hue lights can change based on mood, tempo, and more

If you already have Philips Hue lights in your home, there will be an easier way to set the mood for the next game night. Philips and Signify, which handles the Philips Hue line, are partnering with Spotify that your smart home system automatically sync to your spotify music. Your home will be changing color and flashing to your favorite beat.

This is theoretically nothing new as there a many ways to sync your lights to music, but with this new partnership your Hue Bridge will access directly into your Spotify (once you have linked your account) and see what is playing.

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With this new partnership the lights aren´t just reacting to the music but also have deeper information about specific data like genre, tempo, mood, volume and more. Additionally you can adjust the light settings even further, and set presets in the app. All you need to use the new app is the Hue Bridge, which is already a good idea to have if you own more than 3 different Philips Hue lights. You can find a complete guide how to set-up your home with Hue.

If you don´t have a premium Spotify account, that is totally fine. Free accounts will work just fine. This feature will be coming to all Hue users with the next update within a week. In addition to this new feature Signify also announced a whole bunch of new Hue lights, including table and floor lamps, a light bar and more filament lights.

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