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The Roccat mouse is known for excellent performance through German engineering

The Germany company Roccat is known for Its German engineering and design. The Roccat mouse offers thoughtful ergonomics and solid construction with precise sensors for excellent performance. The Roccat mouse comes with a variety of options and meets the needs of all gamers through all game genres.

The Kone’s ergonomic design has long been appreciated by gamers around the world and has been further developed to perfection with the Kone Pro. With an optical switch for unparalleled speed and precision, the comfortable Roccat Kone Pro provides you the competitive advantage.

The complete mechanics behind the mouse click have been redesigned to achieve the perfect click, the Titan Click. But the mechanics is only one part, together with the intelligent Cain firmware, the mouse click is registered up to 16 ms faster, which gives you the clear advantage in the game.

The roccat mouse is available for various mouse grip styles, find out more in our latest article.