Microsoft’s new mouse uses 20 percent recycled ocean plastic for the shell

Recycled ocean plastic mouse from Microsoft

The new mouse from Microsoft has a shell that’s 20 percent recycled ocean plastic and a completely recyclable packaging

In August of 2020 Microsoft said it will pursue a goal of zero-waste operations by 2030 and put an end to the use of single-use plastics in packaging by 2025. The package of the recycled ocean plastic mouse is made of recyclable wood and sugarcane fibers, a right move towards that future. Microsoft also announced a free mail-in program so customer can send their old mouse for recycling. That plastic shell uses resin with recycled material “made from plastic waste that is recovered from oceans and waterways.” The plastic waste gets turned into pellets, and eventually, those are blended in with the other materials that make up the shell of this mouse.

Recycled ocean plastic mouse from microsoft internals
Recycled ocean plastic mouse from microsoft profile

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The Ocean Plastic Mouse is available for preorder now at a price of $24.99, featuring Bluetooth Low Energy wireless and Swift Pair connection. Like all of the Surface hardware revealed during the event, it will be available on October 5th in the US.

It promises up to 12 months of battery life from just one AA battery that can be replaced or recharged. Owners can customize its three buttons via downloadable software, while the technology of its scroll wheel and sensors should be familiar to anyone who’s used a Microsoft mouse in the last three decades.

Recycling ocean plastic to help clean up our oceans.
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