To use the Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging, make sure to use the right cable

Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging

You need the right charger and cable to use the Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging

The newly added feature of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the fast charging system, which Apple claims is 33 percent faster.  The Apple Watch Series 7 fast charging system will charge up to around 80 percent in just 45 minutes. But in order to use the new fast charging feature, you will need to use the cable and charger that comes with your new Apple Watch Series 7. This is Apple´s brand new magnetic fast charger which is different from older models. (at least inside as the look is same).

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If you looking to buy a spare charger, make sure you are buying the right one. While Apple has already stopped selling the old USB-C charger without fast charging, they are still plenty around from 3rd party sellers.

But the fast charging doesn´t work the other way, if you try to charge your old Apple Watch with the new fast charger and cable it won´t work as only the new Apple Watch 7 have this feature build in for now. Other models will have regular charge times.

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