5 Best Kickstarter Projects in May 2021

5 Best Kickstarter Projects in May (still live)

Last Updated on August 4, 2021 by Jochen

The 5 best kickstarter Projects of May 2021 which are still live

5. Bluvy – Uprade your shaving experience

BLUVY - Your smart Bathroom mirror

When the phone is just not powerful enough as a music box upgrade to bluetooth speaker and the ideal spotlight for us shower rockstars.

But that´s not all, you also can use Bluvy as a mirror for that perfect morning shaving experience

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4. PressDrain – Hair Cutter for Bathtub Drain

PressDrain - Bathtub drain hair cutter stops clogged drain without touching

Sick of pulling out the hair from the drain? Yes we too.

Here comes your simple and brilliant solution. Just cut it, step on the PressDrain and your hair problem is gone, easy and clean.

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3. GinoBot – Inspiring the inventors of tomorrow

GinoBot - The most adaptive robot for developing STEM skills

Play and learn at the same time. No more fighting for your kid to keep his eyes on the book

Learn Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills while playing with a building brick robot – GinoBot

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2. Transformer Couch – One Couch, Endless Possibilities

Transformer Couch - One modern Couch, Endless Possibilities

Modular seating solution, that transforms with your Home & Lifestyle

Get tired of your sofa color and those cussions?

Never again with the Transformer Couch, just change color or rearrange the blocks.

Need a bigger couch, just add another block.

The only couch you will ever need.

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1. Sparklekits – STEM building, learning, coding and play!

Sparklekits - STEM building, learning toy, coding and play

Learn modern skills with oldschool playing.

Get those old Lego´s out of your basement and revive them with Sparklekits.

No screen, no phone just a smart learning toy for coding and computational thinking!

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